Problems with Insigt and cygwin1.dll

Chris Faylor
Mon Mar 20 15:03:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 11:00:53PM -0000, Andy Hare wrote:
>    I don't know how to resolve those addresses using GDB, can you give me a
>hint. Sorry but I am new to GDB and on a very fast and steep learning curve.
l *0x4cafd
l *0x61035ea9

You may not get anything with the 61035ea9 unless you've either loaded in the
dll using add-sym (add-sym cygwin1.dll 0x61001000) or you're debugging a live
program which has loaded this in automatically.

Also, I don't think that the snapshot dlls have debugging information but I
could be wrong.


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>> Why not report what the addresses in this stack dump are?
>> For instance, what does 61035ea9 resolve to?  How about 4fcafd?

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