VirtualAlloc failed from DOS Prompt

Robert McNulty Junior
Mon Mar 20 02:59:00 GMT 2000

>I have a program, blablabla.cpp, which compiles (gnu g++)  and runs
> on various platforms, including windows NT/ cygnus provided bash shell.
>Though, when I try to run the VERY SAME executable calling it from a DOS
>(whith cygwin1.dll in the same directory),
>I get the following error messages :
>[main] C:\Remi\backbone\scripts\PPlmTools\bin\debug\blablabla.exe 1535 (0)
>commit_and_inc: VirtualAlloc failed
>bla bouh
>[main] prunebigrams 1535 (0) handle_exceptions: Exception:
>[main] prunebigrams 1535 (0) handle_exceptions: Dumping stack trace to
>What I dont understand is how come this program runs on the bash shell and
>crashes when called from the DOS prompt, with the same parameters of
>Any idea ?
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Try placing Cygwin1.dll in the windows directory.

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