Help Me!!

Sat Mar 18 10:51:00 GMT 2000

hi all!! I'm building a little project about 
representation of function, and i need a parser to scan the strings i send to 
the main function.
using the bison program i get the followin 
bison -d Parser.y bison.exe:bad 
i tried also to use the byacc program (for what 
i know is similar), and the flex program, but this generate other problems, 
in fact the compile fase was no problem, but at link time, the ld warn 
about an unreferenced function "yywrap()" called by the .c 
files generated by the byacc program. This function is declared as 
'extern', so i think it should be declared in some other file (generated by 
some other programs)
maybe yywrap() is a function generated by bison 
(but bison don't want to run)???
how to resolve the 'bad address' problem in 
P.S. in the makefile  i compile using g++ 
-D__cplusplus ..list of files
sorry for my bad english
if you can't reply me on the mail list, please write at first or at or at
thank you
Mattia Codato

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