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Michael Hirmke
Sat Mar 18 04:43:00 GMT 2000

Hi Stefan,

>I downloaded the binaries for man from:

Yep, is my own site, but it is just a mirror for the files
on! Because is sitting behind a 33.6 leased
line, it is recommended to use for downloads, which has a
bandwidth of switched 10Mbit - a little bit faster, as you can see :)

>If I understand correctly you only need ncurses if you want to download and
>rebuild the source code.

Uhm, no, you have to have ncurses, if you use less, which has been built
to use ncurses for screen control.
My prebuilt less packages all depend on ncurses, the Cygwin 1.x less
AFAIK does something different, though.

>/Stefan L

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