Referencing Files In Bash Using UNC format?

William Wylde
Sat Mar 18 00:58:00 GMT 2000

Corrina Vinschen scribed:

>Bob McGowan wrote:
> > David White wrote:
> > >[...]
> > > I want to make references from bash on NT to a file that is on a 
> > > drive on a remote system. In a DOS box, I would use the UNC format
> > > \\computername\sharename\path\file.ext to get at this file. Is there a
> > > special cygnus format for this sort of thing?
> > >[...]
> > The same format appears to work (for Cygwin 1.0, CD), but you need to
> > quote it:
> >
> >   ls '\\system\directory'
>As it's usual on U*X systems you may use forward slashes:
>     ls //system/directory

In a simular vein, is there any way to mount a remote drive (i.e. NFS) via 
cygwin?  If not, are there any plans to incorporate NFS support in a later 
cygwin release?

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