Linking an existing DLL

Oliver Nittka
Fri Mar 17 01:12:00 GMT 2000

"Joan M. Moss" <> writes:

> \WINNT\system32\   I do not have the source for the DLL so I can NOT
> build the DLL on cygwin B20.1.  However, I would like to access it under
> cygwin B20.1.  Is this possible?

with the cygwin-1.0CD (and very likely with the latest snapshots, too)
i succeeded with just linking in the DLL in question like that:

probe: probe.c 
    $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o probe probe.c /cygdrive/d/WINNT/foreign.dll

however, if the functions in the DLL are _stdcall, but they are
exported without the decoration (without ..@nn), you've got to create
an import-library manually.

contact me, if the above gives errors like

  undefined reference to `SomeFunction@8'

  -- oly
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