cygwin tar program won't create directories on NT machine

Richard Stanton stanton@Haas.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Mar 16 11:56:00 GMT 2000

I have the full cygwin package (20.1) installed on two machines, a Win95
laptop and a NT4 desktop. I've just noticed that the tar.exe program that
comes with the installation refuses to create directories on my NT machine,
but runs fine on my laptop. For example, trying the command

tar -xvf hyperref.tar

(which runs fine on my Win95 machine), I get the following errors on my NT

tar: hyperref: Could not create directory: Permission denied
tar: hyperref/hyperref.dtx: Could not create file: No such file or directory
tar: hyperref/nameref.dtx: Could not create file: No such file or directory


Any ideas what's going on? If I manually create the appropriate directories,
tar will extract the files OK. It's just the directory creation that is a
problem. By the way, the command

md hyperref

typed at the command line works fine, so there's no real problem creating

Thanks for any suggestions.

Richard Stanton

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