Cygwin performance (was [ANN] PW32 the...)

Scott Blachowicz
Thu Mar 16 09:32:00 GMT 2000

Heribert Dahms <> wrote:

> are you hardwired to 'ls', 'ls -l'  or (like me) 'll'?
> My stock b20 'ls' spits out only filenames!

I usually use 'ls -l', but what I really want (usually) is the filenames,
sizes and mod times (and sometimes permissions). And, if I want that, I'll
have to take the stat() penalty, I guess. So...I was curious...what is it in
the stat() call that can only be obtained by opening the file? Is it just the
cygnus stat() emulation that does that? One of these days, maybe I'll try out
a native-Win32 perl 'ls' wrapper script...

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