Resizeable xterms/rxvts

Keith Starsmeare
Thu Mar 16 02:20:00 GMT 2000

Has anyone managed to build an xterm or rxvt which resizes properly? The
only xterms I've tried are hopeless; they're fixed to 80x25. The rxvts I've
tried are a little better; they can be resized, but often things like vim
don't get the size right until the window size is changed for some reason
and if I rlogin from an rxvt then remote vim's rarely get the size right
(although on some, but not most, unix systems using resize after I resize
does correct the problem).

Currently I use twm's and xon to get a remote xterm; sometimes I'd rather
use rlogin (although I have to hit return twice once I've exited to end the
rlogin process).


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