Re performance cygwin (o.a.)

Charles Wilson
Wed Mar 15 17:07:00 GMT 2000

paul van der Meij wrote:

> - the CYGWIN="binmode" environment variable seems to have no effect,
> probably caused by bash 2.03,
>   which I generated without changing anything after the 'configure'.
> Should it have anything special for cygwin??

I ran into this problem as well, with bash-2.03. I do not know if there
are any special compile-time directives that will correct this problem;
I reverted to the cygnus-distributed bash-2.02, which fixed the problem.

> - Since these binary mounts the perl generation (make) comes in a loop
> during 'dllwrap' and 'dlltool'. I see
>   a growing number of ds01.0 ds02.o ..... files, and have to kill the
> 'dll' processes.
>   I did goto version 5.5.670 of perl, and made sure that there were no
> text files with embedded CR/LF,
>   since these behave strangely with binary mounts (at least sh scripts).

I haven't seen any of these problems, and I've built every perl from
5.5.640 to 5.6.0-RC1. Generating the initial perl.dll does take a long
time (3-4 minutes on my K6 200). Just let it run to completion?

> - the tar executable distributed with the recent snapshots does not
> behave well despite the binary mounts.
>         tar -cf - . | tar -tf -
>   produces a error, that disappears if I re-make the tar.exe from the
> distibuted cygwin-src

Are you sure this is not related to the binmode pipe problem you
described earlier?


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