Linking problem: IsWindowVisible

Jeff Sturm
Wed Mar 15 06:48:00 GMT 2000

Axel Riese wrote:
> > > Yes, I worked that out by self. But I still get undefined
> > > reference to 'IsWindowVisible' ?
> >
> > You may be missing a declaration for IsWindowVisible.  Does the source
> > file have #include <windows.h> anywhere?
> Hm, in this case you should have problems at compile time, not at
> link time, shouldn't you ?

Not necessarily.  In the absence of a declaration, C will guess "int
IsWindowVisible()", which in this case is wrong.

BTW you can catch such problems by compiling with -Wall:

jcs.c:4: warning: implicit declaration of function `IsWindowVisible'

Jeff Sturm

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