gtk_entry field turning black in cygwin

Tor Lillqvist
Wed Mar 15 05:52:00 GMT 2000

> I am using cygwin B20.1, gtk-win32 20000115 release compiling using
> gcc from the cygwin distribution.

(As the GTk+ port does not use cygwin, and programs using GTk+ thus
shouldn't either (never mix C runtimes), this is really off-topic for
the cygwin list.)

If you really mean you are using the gcc that is included in the B20.1
distribution, you shouldn't. As is said on my webpage for the GTK+ and
GIMP port to Windows, to build programs intended to use the prebuilt
DLLs you can either use MSVC, or gcc 2.95 (or later) with the
-fnative-struct switch.

The reason is that the DLLs are built with gcc-2.95.2 using the
-fnative-struct switch, which makes the struct field allocation and
alignment compatible with MSVC, which is a good thing. (Otherwise
there would have to be separate DLLs for programs built with MSVC and
gcc.) Building with gcc but without the -fnative-struct switch will
cause problems sooner or later, quite possibly like the ones you are

Getting a correctly set up gcc can be a bit convoluted. (We want a
version that has -fnative-struct and uses the MSVCRT runtime.)  There
are instructions on one way to do it in the README.win32 file linked
to from the webpage, but people have told me that those instructions
are unnecessarily convoluted. Apparently it is easier using a pure
mingw environment. Possibly some recent mingw gcc release from Mumit
Khan is suitable as is?


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