Permission denied with makeinfo from texinfo-4.0

J. David Bryan
Tue Mar 14 21:56:00 GMT 2000

On 15 Mar 2000, at 0:46, Chris Faylor wrote:

> I don't know why reading the file a character at a time would do anything
> but slow down texinfo.

Exactly so.  I have no idea why the authors of makeinfo thought this was 
necessary under Win32, and it seems to work just fine without it.  I have 
mentioned this in the bug report.

> > * It does not use $HOME as a search path for texinfo files.
> Why is this desirable?

Whether it's desirable or not is irrelevant.  I simply said that *if* 
someone wanted to work around this "permission denied" without mucking 
around in the makeinfo source, one could do so with -DWIN32 at the expense 
of the two items I mentioned.

> So this was just a problem with \r\n in a texinfo file?

Not at all.  You may have noted from my first post that the problem is the 
specification of an *invalid buffer* in the call to "read."  It has 
absolutely nothing to do with line ends.

                                      -- Dave Bryan

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