Cygwin performance (was [ANN] PW32 the...)

Chris Faylor
Tue Mar 14 21:04:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Mar 14, 1994 at 04:28:47PM -0800, Scott Blachowicz wrote:
>Geoffrey Noer <> wrote:
>> ...
>> Interesting. We have been trying to improve (and succeeding in improving)
>> Cygwin's runtime performance but that's been done comparing Cygwin to
>> Cygwin-past and not so much by doing benchmarks against other systems I
>> think.
>Great! Have you found any way to improve the performance of commands like 'ls'
>against remotely mounted file systems? I frequently have things like

I think Geoff was referring to improvements that are already in Cygwin.  If you
don't see any changes then there aren't any improvements.


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