Cygwin peculiarities

Chris Bates
Tue Mar 14 12:14:00 GMT 2000

I am running cygwin b20 under NT 4 Service Pack 6 and am having some unusual
problems that seem to be memory related.  When I run an executable from the
command line the use of my environment variables (previously set at the cmd
prompt) varies dependent upon how many parameters I pass to the program.
Some of them are not recognized if I have more parameters passed to the exe.

I know that sounds vague but it is very consistent.  I didn't think there
could be a cygwin problem in this until I noticed that some cygwin specific
commands still work even after I exit from cygwin.  For example, I can exit
from cygwin back to the cmd (DOS) prompt and still use the commands ls and

I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have on this question.


Chris Bates

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