Bug. "File or path name too long"

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 19:28:00 GMT 2000

--- Derek Haskin <derek.haskin@commerceone.com> wrote:
> Just want to make sure that you are aware that we purchased the Cygnus 1.0
> version as apposed to using the Cygnus beta version.

That just means that you already have the source code packaged in one place a
readily available.  It's still an open source project.

> anyway here is another bug. the "mkdir -p"  does not work with the
> /cygdrive/... format
> any clues.

I've not seen this reported before.  

> "D:/Cygwin/bin/bash.exe"-2.03$ ls /cygdrive/d/builds
> home      p4env     sh_histo
> "D:/Cygwin/bin/bash.exe"-2.03$ mkdir -p /cygdrive/d/builds/des22/tmp/dsaf
> mkdir: cannot create directory `/cygdrive': No such file or directory
> "D:/Cygwin/bin/bash.exe"-2.03$ mkdir -p //d/builds/des22/tmp/dsaf
> "D:/Cygwin/bin/bash.exe"-2.03$ ls /cygdrive/d/builds
> des22     home      p4env     sh_histo

I'll have to give your scenario a whirl.  BTW, please report to the list and
not directly to me.  I'm simply a meer user lending some advice.  If you report
to the list then you'll help everyone envolved with Cygwin.

Has anyone else on the list seen this before?

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