[ANN] PW32 the (alternative) Posix-over-Win32 layer 0.3.0 released

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Mon Mar 13 15:16:00 GMT 2000

At 02:16 PM 3/13/00, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
>Hello Earnie,
>Earnie Boyd <earnie_boyd@yahoo.com> wrote:
>EB> --- Chris Faylor <cgf@cygnus.com> wrote:
> >> Hmm.  I would like to receive opinions on whether people consider this
> >> announcement to be off-topic.
> >>
>EB> I would consider it off-topic for this list unless the core of the product uses
>EB> Cygwin.  Announcements of products using Cygwin should be considered on topic,
>     Thanks, Earnie. It seems that Free Software really have problems,
>and vendor patents are not the biggest of them. Remember one of the
>latest Freshmeat editorials where Linux community was compared with
>guys kicking each other. Lack of generalization...
>      But I write this not to release funny thought (nor to be killed
>off from list), but to ask you, as cygwin veteran (as well as other
>authorities) whether following will be appropriate.
>       I'm going to benchmark as many POSIX implementations as I will
>be able to put my hands on (this will ammount to very-very little, and
>generally I'd prefer someone else to do this, but I'm afraid noone will
>bother). Cygwin will be included. So, will results (with appropriate
>disclaimer and links to tests sources) be interesting for cygwin
>community/appropriate for cygwin mailing list?
>EB> ---
>EB>    Earnie Boyd: < mailto:earnie_boyd@yahoo.com >
>Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist
> http://www.brainbench.com/transcript.jsp?pid=11135

Personally, I think posting comparative data is useful to this list...

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