date and "6th March 2000" non compliant
Mon Mar 13 07:17:00 GMT 2000

I'm using Cygwin-b20 over WindowsNT4 since a while.

I've just discovered that:
> date -d '20000306'
return Invalid date.
The 5th and the 7th works fine indeed.

Sorry I haven't look at the source yet to figure-out what the problem is, but:
A) This problem could have been fixed allready (a link to the patch will be
pretty much appreciated).
B) If not fixed might be worth to have a look at it. (For the time bein I have
patch my scripts to support this missing day).

I knows it is not really fair from me to just register a bug, but I really have
no time at the moment to have a look
at the CVS tree and figureout what need to be done.

Jean-Marc MORIN

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