[ANN] PW32 the (alternative) Posix-over-Win32 layer 0.3.0 released

Paul Sokolovsky paul-ml@is.lg.ua
Mon Mar 13 05:16:00 GMT 2000

Hello cygwin,

      I would like to introduce to gnu-win32 community new (yet
another) POSIX "emulation" layer. It is product of some thoughts and
ideas that were spoken, and sufficiently criticized, on cygwin list.
Standard description follows:

"PW32 is implementation of (subset of) POSIX/Unix API for Win32 systems. Its main
concerns are efficiency and full platform coverage, including adequate support for low-end
Win9x systems. PW32 is based on DJGPP's runtime library by DJ Delorie. PW32 is licensed
under LGPL."

      PW32 is only month on public, but before that it was more than
year in development. That means it'd already has something to show,
though of course it's far from being complete. Also, as I hinted above,
it's based on solutions that might be considered questionable, if not
orthodox. Even besides that, I claim that their sole purpose is to get
rid of mean, chore problems plaguing existing implementations, and to
get efficient implementation. So, I took steps to describe these
traits, and provide means of coping with them and integrating with
"native" environment.

0.3.0 is second public and first 'full-fledged' (as for alpha)
release. Changes include:

* Many bugfixes.
* Tested and runs on 9x and NT. On 95, problems known and identified,
with workarounds provided.
* Binaries provided: build environment based on gcc-2.95.2-1-mingw32
(courtesy of Mumit Khan), ash, fileutils, textutils, sed, grep,
sh-utils, diffutils, make.
* Updated documentation.

  Also, PW32 is currently in active development, for example, now
two serious problems with 0.3.0 had been fixed (and available from CVS).

PW32 is hosted on SourceForge, http://pw32.sourceforge.net/

Place to discuss PW32 is mingw32 mailing list,

Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist

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