Cygwin piping misbehaviour

Paul Sokolovsky
Mon Mar 13 04:45:00 GMT 2000

Hello cygwin,

  While porting textutils with my tools, I found that running (under
sh) cat <file>|head with sufficiently large file makes cat complain
about broken pipe (I haven't yet implemented SIGPIPE generation). I
tried that on cygwin and got no error. So, I considered behaviour of
my version queer. But looking at source code of both cat and head,
reading susv2 more and more assured me that I'm doing fine. I finally
relieved when run that on linux and got "Broken pipe" report from

      Now question: why cygwin passes that silently? To my
understanding, that sh who doesn't report termination by SIGPIPE. I
have the same with both bash and ash. B20.1 on 95 and NT.

Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist

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