developer questions : porting : things to be aware of?

Sean Champ
Sat Mar 11 11:51:00 GMT 2000


i'm planning on finally making a run at trying to build some things on
cygwin (eg:  xemacs, apache 2.0alpha, etc :)

( it may be an abortive run, but it's worth it. )

I'm wondering what things I should look to first.

           -- any common problem-spots across applications?

           -- specifics of compatability issues
                    between. *n*x applications and cygwin?

and maybe a good tutorial about C++ would be among what I should be reading
;)    but I like the learn-by-trying approach, for this.

-- -- -- -- --

re: filesystem hierarchies,  meaning of ~ :

i remember hearing something about the fact that dir-handles like
are in-case someone's building things for other platforms.

       is there any work going on for cygwin-macintosh?

   what is the "H" for on "H-i586" ?

-- -- -- -- --

 re: filesystem hierarchies, development of  ~ :

    I came across a copy of the FHSS, "Filesystem Hierarchy Standard":

  the FHSS is  available for download:

(PS, DVI, text, and troff formats are all included in the pacakge, from what
it says.   i hope to be trying to get it into texi format soon, also)
is the top-level dir for it.

the mailing list  info is at
(it's a very low-traffic list, it seems)

or, mailto:

with this in the body of the email:
       ADD fhs-discuss

or try :

-- Sean

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