Building joe 2.8 with gcc 2.95.2

Fri Mar 10 17:20:00 GMT 2000

Before I even start with joe..  I just recently installed gcc 2.95.2
(the cygb20 and dev-ss packages) on Cygwin 20.1, on which I have a
recent snapshot of the DLL:

{04:38pm|11:1} ~>uname -a
CYGWIN_95-4.0 DEFAULT 1.1.0(0.18/3/2) 2000-03-07 15:27:43 i586 unknown

I got bitten by the cpp ("-remap") bug, even when I didn't have /bin in
my path at all:

{04:46pm|15:1} />echo $PATH

I had to remove /bin from the mount table entirely, in
order to stop gcc from searching /bin/../lib and so on.

{04:39pm|12:1} ~>mount
Device           Directory           Type        Flags
c:\programs\cygnus\cygwin-b20\etc /etc                user
c:\programs\cygnus\cygwin-b20\usr /usr                user
c:\windows\temp  /tmp                user        textmode
c:               /                   user        textmode
a:               /a                  user        textmode
d:               /cdrom              user        textmode

So now I just use a symlink:

{04:44pm|13:1} ~>cd /
{04:45pm|14:1} />l bin
lrw-r--r--   1 administ unknown        59 Mar  9 21:50 bin -> /Programs/cygnus/c

I guess that's ok, but I'm not too very happy about it, and would prefer
to mount /bin.

But, since everything seems to function ok now, I attempted to build

{04:53pm|19:1} ~/joe>make
gcc -O3   -c path.c -o path.o
In file included from path.c:42:
dir.c: In function `mkdir':
dir.c:48: argument `s' doesn't match prototype
5.2/../../../../i586-cygwin32/include/sys/stat.h:122: prototype declaration
dir.c:48: number of arguments doesn't match prototype
5.2/../../../../i586-cygwin32/include/sys/stat.h:122: prototype declaration
make: *** [path.o] Error 1

Ok.  Well, the prototype from stat.h

int     _EXFUN(mkdir,( const char *_path, mode_t __mode ));

appears to take two arguments, and the relevant lines in dir c

int mkdir(s)
char *s;

Has only one.  I don't know if this is the problem, but I know that joe
built just fine with the compiler that originally came with Cygwin 20.1
(egcs-2.91.57, if one is to believe the directory name).  I didn't keep
that build of joe because it was unstable and did some quirky things; I
was hoping to get better results with a later CYGWIN1.DLL and gcc.  Any
help greatly appreciated.


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