Bug. "File or path name too long"

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 09:59:00 GMT 2000

--- Derek Haskin <derek.haskin@commerceone.com> wrote:
> Earnie thanks for the quick response. But I think I should have provided you
> with more information.
> The path/file name I am passing is 117 characters in length which is under
> the 259 character limit.
> From a dos command prompt I ran two commands. The first using dos "dir"
> command which works fine.
> Then I ran the ls command using the same parameter and I get the "File or
> path name too long" problem.
> So to me this indicates that it is a problem specific to the bash shell
> commands.
> I get the same problem when I use other bash shell commands such as "cp".
> Please advise.

Hmm...  It could actually be in one of three or all three places.  It could be
the bash shell as you say, it could be the individual executable, or possibly
even Cygwin itself.

My advise: Use the source, Luke, use the source.  Then, submit patches so
others won't have the problem.

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