Compiling app under Cygwin V1.0 that doesn't require Cygwin1.dll

Chris Faylor
Thu Mar 9 13:50:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 03:40:26PM -0600, Larry E. Wagner wrote:
>So, the problem appears to be some type of obscure bug in the DLL library
>handling the fprintf() statements when compiling/linking with the -no-cygwin
>option specified.

The DLL library in a mingw application comes from Microsoft.  There is no
cygwin component.

>1.  Somehow determine the source of the actual bug causing my problem.
>This appears unlikely, unless someone out there on the list knows how I should
>proceed to find it and possibly fix it.

The usual way to debug something like this is to try to develop a repeatable
test case and then run your program under gdb to determine its cause.

It's possible that there is a bug in Microsoft's DLL but I can't remember
ever hearing about something like this.

It might be more beneficial to send your problem report to one of the
microsoft programmer specific newsgroups or mailing lists and ask for

>2.  Determine the correct commandline incantations for the gcc
>compile/link steps to include the necessary Cygwin1.dll functionality
>required into the application executable.  So far, I have not been
>successful doing so.  Any pointers on how to correctly do this would be
>appreciated as this would be the quickest and easiest solution for me.

Just a caveat: If you link any part of cygwin into your program, then your
program becomes open source.  That's how cygwin licensing works.

>3.  Configure "cook", a make-like program I use to control builds of my
>applications, to use a different, eg.  commercial, PC compiler/linker.
>This is doable, but it requires a lot of additional conditional code to
>handle the differences between "PC-style" builds and "Unix-style"
>builds, making the "cookbook" files harder to maintain for use on
>different platforms.

FWIW, make can call msvc.  I would be surprised if that solved your
problem, though.


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