Compiling RTEMS?

Cristi Caciuloiu
Thu Mar 9 08:57:00 GMT 2000


I'm trying to compile RTEMS in a Cygwin environment. As a cross compiler, I
use a gcc 2.7.2 for SC100. I also have gcc 2.91.57 from Cygwin. The
environment variables for gcc have been set for Motorola's compiler
(including GCC_EXEC_PREFIX). Therefore, the native gcc does not work anymore
(error finding cpp ....). Unsetting that variable did make it functional. It
seems that configure script of that RTOS tests the cross compiler (named
sc100-gcc) and also gcc (with a small main function that returns 0, it
compiles it, executes it and then tests the value returned by this
executable which should be 0).
Obvious, gcc is not working in that context.

What can I do?

Cristi Caciuloiu

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