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Roland Ruehl roland@PDF.COM
Thu Mar 9 08:01:00 GMT 2000


as part of my recent work on porting a large UNIX application which uses
_both_ Tcl/Tk and Motif, I am using Hummingbirds Exceed XDK Motif
libraries together with a self-generated complete matching tree of
Tcl/Tk 8.2.3 (including BLT2.1, TclX8.2.3, itcl3.1, TkTable2.5,
VTK1.3), X11R6.3, and Mesa. The whole thing needs an Xserver running in
the background. Anybody interested in this and if yes, can anybody help
in providing an ftp server for the distribution ?

I am also an (old fashioned :-) user of AT&T's/Lucent's 'sam' editor and
have ported that to NT. Any interest in this ?

Best Regards,

        Roland Ruehl
	PDF Solutions, Inc.

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