interesting behavior

Earnie Boyd
Thu Mar 9 07:11:00 GMT 2000

--- Eric Christopher <> wrote:
> Okay.  Here's a new one.
> I've got a directory structure / like this:
> bin contrib etc home <few other things>
> I decide to mount contrib to where it actually is:
> 'mount g:\cygwin\contrib /contrib' 

Umm... You're executing the command from bash.  The \ is used for character
quoting so you end up with g:cygwincontrib as the source directory.  Just check
the registry entry.  From bash you could use `mount g:/cygwin/contrib /contrib'

> (this didn't acutally do anything)

It won't actually change anything when you get it correct either since
g:\cygwin is mounted as /.  It might even cause Cygwin to be slower since it
adds to the hashing levels.

> now ls / errors out with contrib not found, though g:\cygwin\contrib
> really is there.

That is because it can't find g:cygwincontrib as a directory.

> Any explainations?  (Other than doctor it hurts when I do this! Don't do
> that. *grin*)

I think Chris must have been executing mount from DOS. ;^).

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