'BSD RSH Daemon' and 'PVM For Cygwin'

Tian tianxz@hotmail.com
Thu Mar 9 03:21:00 GMT 2000

    I would like to 
ask a question  about pvm3.4 for cygwin20.1.Now ,I  use 
the rshd  in pvm 3.4 for cygwin(V 20.1) on NT machines. 
Althought  I  defined some parameters for  the hostfile and 
environment,only  could use   the remote  shell daemon 
in the environment of CYGWIN, While  used the remote 
shell daemon   in the PVM  for cygwin, I alwaiy 
got  some error message of  " main()  can't getpwuid 
","Can't start pvmd ", and  " No such 
host"( when checked  the host states by 'mstat' command, 
occured  this error message on  pvm console).At the same 
time,  the remote host showed the same error ,but  the 
console could  start the pvmd of  the  remote host 
.According the PVM book( Downloaded from PVM HomePage) and  the 
readme  of  the BSD  Remote Shell Daemeon, I still couldn't 
resolve it .The Environment and OS are  below :
OS      : Windows NT 4.0
        PVM   : PVM3.4.0 and PVM 
3.4.0 for CYGWIN20.1
        RSHD :  BSD 
Remote Shell Daemon(Author:Markus Fischer)  
Sit:  http://www.uni-paderborn.de/StaffWeb/getin/rshdproject.htm

   I don't know 
if   could use the  RSHD  in pvm for cygwin and  how to 
do,  hope  get your  support .
   Thank you 
//   Xiuzeng 
//   Email Address : 

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