cygwin-inst-20000304 query

Brendan J Simon
Wed Mar 8 18:36:00 GMT 2000

DJ Delorie wrote:

> The target name doesn't affect that at all.  It's just a name.
> An i586 is not the same as an i686, but i586-pc-cygwin32 is the same
> target as i686-pc-cygwin.  They're just names that mean "cygwin".

If they are just names that are independent of architecture, then why is
there any need to mention the architecture ?
Furthermore, what is the point of changing the name of the architecture if
there is no difference ?

I thought that the intention of the target directories was to have
libraries and code that are target specific.  eg. i686-pc-cygwin would have
i686 specific/optimized code, i586-pc-cygwin would have i586
specific/optimized code, etc.

Brendan Simon.

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