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Chris Faylor
Wed Mar 8 07:58:00 GMT 2000

These questions are inappropriate for this mailing list.

I would appreciate it if anyone feels the need to respond that they
do so privately.

Or is this just spam?

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 02:57:11AM -0800, Michelle Owen wrote:
>  Would you kind to answer my few questions in details? Here they are:
>  1. Virtual memory managment increases the amount of memory the     
>operating system
>     can use by allocating a set amount of disk space to be used to     
>store item
>     during processing. With the aid of windows 95/98, can you give me     
>the steps to check 
>     for the virtual memory of a computer system?
>  2. Every programming languange has its own unique characteristic,     
>thus selecting a language
>     for a programming task can be a difficult decision. Can you give     
>me the list and describe
>     four factors to select a programming language?
>  3. Computer security risk is any event or action that could cause a     
>loss to computer equipment,
>     software information or processing capability. Please describe     
>briefly to me the following 
>     security risks:
>     a). Computer viruses
>     b). Unauthorized access and use
>     c). Hardware theft
>     d). Software theft
>     e). System failure
>  4. a). How do viruses spread? When does a virus spread? Why are         
>viruses not detected immediately?
>     b). Would you name and describes 6 types of computer viruses? and      
>please describe how this viruses
>         spread in the computer system?
>  Thanks for your help...:)
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