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Bromwell, Ron J. Ron.Bromwell@alcoa.com
Wed Mar 8 07:05:00 GMT 2000

I am interested in using your cygwin product for writing csh script on our
NT server. I have a similar product now and I am having a lot of trouble
with it. Unfortunately getting support is very tough. Can some one call me
so that I can get some more information about cygwin and discuss the type of
support that is offered. I was at your website, but could find no
information on support. I can be reached at (570)385-8880 or (570)385-8534.
I can also be reached by pager at (570)621-1543.

Thank You,
Ron Bromwell
Programmer/Systems Analyst
Alcoa Engineered Products
53 Pottsville St.
Cressona, PA  17929
voice- (570)385-8534
pager- (570)621-1543

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