Robert McNulty junior sherlock_abc@netzero.net
Tue Mar 7 23:20:00 GMT 2000

When i tallk about hacking, I'm talking about programming.
When others talk about hacking, they have no idea what hacking really is.
Somewhere along the way cracking and hacking mixed together.
IF you coud tell me, thn I will stop calling my self and what i do hacking
and call it what it really is, PROGRAMMING.
I have programmed some whimsical programs, small graphics programs, a text
editor, and most cases i used a 16 bit compiler, But that was before i
discoevered cygwin. Cygwin, IMHO, cannot compile itself. Any ideas why?
I, personnelly, think it is because i need to use the mingw32 stuff for
windows instead of the unix. So, no-cygwin.
Is this right?

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