command-line length problem

Thomas Cook
Tue Mar 7 20:38:00 GMT 2000

Hello fellow Cygwin users:

I have come up against a command-line length problem.

I'm doing a build with 'make' but it bombs out when it hits a modestly
long command line.  It doesn't want to accept any lines over about 132

I'm running Windows NT v4.00.1381 and I have the official Cygwin 1.0.
I get the following error from make:

lnk68k -r -o sys.obj entry.obj expc.obj init.obj vectab.obj main.obj
j autosync.obj eeprom.obj debug.obj cmds.obj host.obj vgahost.obj autovga.obj
make.exe: execvp: lnk68k: Invalid argument
make.exe: *** [sys.obj] Error 127

Help!  I'm really stuck.  If you can help me out I will dance at your

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