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Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Tue Mar 7 08:53:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Roland Ruehl wrote:

> I am building DLLs with CYGWIN B20.1 for linkage with Excel and Visual
> Basic. I started from Mumit's dll examples and am getting into more
> complex coding now. I have a few questions and was wondering if anybody had 
> experience or could refer me to further documentation:
> - Does anybody know about detailed documentation for passing parameters
> 	from Visual basic to Cygwin ? For instance, by trial and error,
> 	I found out that Strings are passed as pointers to C arrays of
> 	shorts, but am wondering about more complex structures, i.e.
> 	records, arrays, etc. How do I pass an unknown number of
> 	parameters, similar to the Excel SUM() construct, for example ?

There is an Excel SDK (that comes with a book, I don't know where else
to get it).

I'll dig out the info if I still have the CD.

> - I am able to do basic unbuffered IO in the DLL (open/read/write)
> 	but failed to do more complex stuff, like opening
> 	a socket, a pipe or do buffered IO. Is that possible, and
> 	if yes how ?

With Cygwin v1.1, it should be possible in theory since we overhauled
the code that allows Cygwin DLL to be dynamically loaded. In fact, it's
now symmetric, and you don't need to use hacks like specifying special
entry points and so on.

Please try out a recent Cygwin DLL snapshot and see what happens.

> 	Roland Ruehl.
> 	PDF Solutions, Inc.

You guys do some very nice work.


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