AW: text editor
Tue Mar 7 03:45:00 GMT 2000

Hi Konrad.
Why don't you use the "vi" instead. 
There are precompiled versions available for the terminal and
versions that create their own window.
If you want an advanced editor, I suggest to use the emacs.

More alternatives: Windows "NOTEPAD", Wordpad etc.


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> Von: 	Konrad[]
> Gesendet: 	Dienstag, 7. März 2000 12:10
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> Betreff: 	text editor
> is there a build in text editor in cygwin? I have been using the dos
> edit command, if you wana use it, just take from
> C:/windows/commands
> and rename it to exe, then put it in the bin, with all the other
> files...
> although you probably cannot distribute it, you may be able to make a
> small
> shortcut to it in the program, although I would REALLY like to see a
> copy
> of pico in there, and am now searching fracticly for the pico source
> code...
> if you know where I could get it, I would be glad to try and port it to
> cygwin for you:)
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