The implementation of popen().

Jens Yllman
Mon Mar 6 08:17:00 GMT 2000


 I've a UNIX program that uses popen(). But when I try to use that with
_popen() that is in Win32 I can not call a program that uses _popen().
But this works with popen() in Cygwin. I've looked at the code in
Cygwin. And it as quite alot of code. So I just wonder if there is
anybody here who know what is realy needed to get it to work. Why I
don't use Cygwin for this project is because I link with a static
library that does only work with MS-Visual C++.

 I guess this realy is a question for the developer list. But I only
have this question and don't have time to contribute to the project at
the moment. So I don't want to bother that list.

 Jens Yllman
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