problems with tcsh 6.08.00 port in B20.1

Corinna Vinschen
Sun Mar 5 02:29:00 GMT 2000

Ian Miller wrote:
> Hi, I've observed the following (minor) problems with Corinna Vinschen's
> tcsh 6.08.00 port in conjuction with B20.1 :
> * set correct = cmd
> [...]

AFAICS, correction works ok. I'm not using it but I have checked
it out. The problem is as follows:

Your od is not named od but od.exe

The correction mechanism checks that "od" is unexistant and
that a command "cd" is similar. No doubt, the similarity of
"cd" to "od is greater than that of "od.exe" to "od".

You can solve this by renaming each `foo.exe' to `foo'.
In this case you have to give `foo' explicit execute
permission in opposite to `foo.exe' which has implicit
execute permissions given by cygwin.

This has the advantage that the command completion can't
complete the `.exe' but as a result you can't start these
apps from resp. cmd.exe.

You can give those exe-free files explicit execute permissions
by three ways:

NT or W2K:
	CYGWIN=ntea, chmod +x foo

NT or W2K on NTFS, using Cygwin 1.0 CD or newer snapshots:
	CYGWIN=ntsec, chmod +x foo

9X, NT, W2K, using Cygwin 1.0 CD (???) or newer snapshots:

	mount -x Drive:/your/bin/dir /your/bin

> * set complete = enhance
>         $ ls
>         rcs-5.7-cygwin-b20-bin.tar.gz
>         rcs-5.7.tar.gz
>         $ gunzip rcs-5.7.[TAB]
> [...]

It seems to me as if the completion mode `enhance' is not
what you want, because it's exactly doing what it should do.

One tip: man tcsh, then search for `enhance'.

Unsetting the variable `complete' seems to exactly doing what
you want.


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