Compiling Mesa from CVS under Cygwin B20.1

Jeffrey Juliano
Sat Mar 4 18:59:00 GMT 2000

oops, your original mesage read

Has anybody succeeded in compiling Mesa from the CVS repository
under Cygwin B20.1? I've managed to build the GL/GLU libs, but
the compilation of GLUT yields tons of macro redefinition errors.

I must have been really tired.  Of course if you are compiling glut
agains mesa that would be different than compiling it against the NT GL
libraries.  Sorry about that.

What I described is how to build glut when using the NT GL libraries. 
Apparently(?) the mesa header files are different than the header files
I used.  I remember that, now, and I guess that's where you're having

nope, can't help.  sorry.

Sven Panne wrote:

> Could you explain exactly what you have downloaded or checked out
> and how you compiled things?

downloaded latest glut tarball.  Changed WIN32 to _WIN32, made a simple
makefile, used the msvc gl header files, and built glut.  I later linked
with the lib{opengl,glu}32.a files that come with cygwin-1.0, and they
use the NT dlls.

You are asking for help making glut work with mesa.  That's not the
question I answered.

> Mesa can use DirectX drivers under Windows, so what I basically
> hope for is an accelerated OpenGL 1.2 under cygwin.  :-)

that's cool!  I havn't used 1.2 features in apps I run under windows. 
Good point.

> acceleration is not as good as it will be under XFree4.0 (you can
> lose up to 50% speed, depending on what you do, sometimes much less),

thanks for the info.

> I don't have to reboot when my programs go astray... :-]


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