cygwin on wine

Larry Rau
Fri Mar 3 18:25:00 GMT 2000

> Why don't you try to run Cygwin, running on Win32 within wine on a
> Linux running within VMWare running on a Windows 98 within a
> VMWare running on a Linux-Machine?
I'm confused! :)  [I thought VMware only ran on NT...which then
you could run linux, win98, etc...]

> I've enough trouble running everthing well without those games... :-)
> To be serious: Why? I'm really interested in that reason.

yes. I almost included an explanation but decided to keep the
question simple.  But now I'll answer the dreaded why question....

We (our company) do cross-development hosted on both win32 and
Linux.  We use gnu tools and use cygwin for the build env on win32
to avoid multiple makefiles, etc.  One of our linux guys wanted
to build tools that could then be used by our win32 guys.  He 
could either do a canadian cross or wondered if cygwin would just
execute under wine. Thus allowing him to avoid setting up a win32
machine or doing the canadian cross.  Rather then embark down the
cygwin/wine path to find it doesn't work, we thought we may get
a quick answer from other's who have tried.  So we are not mad
we have reasons! :)


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