sendmail [Re: Setting os to Posix]

Andreas Bergstrøm
Fri Mar 3 12:49:00 GMT 2000

Mumit Khan wrote:
> Sendmail needs "ports" before it'll work cleanly on a new machine/OS,
> and has precious little to do with POSIX or otherwise. It's just much
> easier to create these OS-specific port files for POSIX systems.

I see, thanks.
> I have patches for sendmail-8.9.3 that seems to work ok on Cygwin v1.0
> and Cygwin b20.1 (I don't remember which snapshot I was running when
> testing sendmail running as a daemon). These changes borrow some work
> from Sergey Okhapkin's previous efforts, and adds some new stuff.
> However, there are security issues that I have not paid *that* much
> attention to it, and various other oddities that I'd since forgotten
> about. I do remember that it causes problems on Win9x when running as
> a daemon, but NT should be fine. On either Win9x or NT, it's a fine
> tool for MUA's such as mail, pine, etc.

Thanks, it is just what I need.

> No guarantees, and I doubt if I'll have the time answer questions
> regarding the various changes.

Well, I will just have to figure it out by myself what should be done
after I patch Sendmail with your ports, I am just gratefull that you
made them.

> ps: It's helpful if you would use a more representative subject line,
> such as one that includes "sendmail".

Well, I believed at the time that compiling as if running Posix should do
the trick, but I was obviously wrong. I see now that this was more 
Sendmail/Cygwin related, but we all make mistakes.

Once again, thanks.

May you live long and spamless,

Andreas Bergstrøm

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