Still 100% usage and weird problems with recent snapshots?

Glenn Spell
Thu Mar 2 13:52:00 GMT 2000

On  2 Mar 2000 around  4:06PM (-0500) Chris Faylor wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 02, 2000 at 04:00:10PM -0500, Glenn Spell wrote:
> >
> >As I reported earlier, the bash I was using up until recently will
> >not run with any snapshots after the 99-12-04. The only thing I am
> >aware of about this bash-2.03 that won't run is that I compiled it
> >with gcc-2.95 (I have not yet updated gcc from 2.95.)
> You reported that you were having problems but I don't recall anything
> that indicated you still had problems with the newest snapshot.

I figure that I'll need to upgrade gcc, rebuild bash, and then see if
there is any problem... and I doubt if there will be or others would
be seeing it also. I don't have plans at the moment to upgrade gcc.

I haven't filed any other reports because this is not really a problem
that I need solved. I'm reporting now just in case it can help you
trace something that may be affecting others in different ways.

> It is not conceivable that gdb would report that you are stopped at
> the code that you show below and that no strace output shows up.

It is for me. ;-)

> How are you running the strace program?

I move to the directory where I'm keeping the bash that doesn't
work, a directory that is not in my path, and I

  strace ./bash

and nothing happens. "^C" gets me out.

>  You should do something like this:
> 	strace -osomefile bash

  strace -otestout ./bash

hangs... nothing happens. The file "testout" is created.

I CTRL-C and end the process. Checking "testout" with pfe shows
an empty file. Checking it with Hex Edit shows only

  "00000000 "

(without the quotes)
(This is using the strace and DLL from DJ's latest preview.


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