can't compile wget and lapack++

Fri Jun 30 14:14:00 GMT 2000

Ok ! This problem is solved:

Now lapack++ tells me : ANSI C++ forbids declaration 'xxx' with no type
(inline function)
Wget has a linkage problem : ftp.o (..........) undefined reference to

I' haven idea if are cgywin problems.

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Subject: Re: can't compile wget and lapack++

> On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 03:44:02PM +0200, Meffo wrote:
> >I've tyred to compile some famous free distribution as gnu wget and
lapack++ for win32.
> >Launching ./configure or ./configure --with-cxx=egcs:eg++ (in the case of
lapack++) the process crashes aftere a while saing:
> >
> >Updating cache ./config.cache
> >sed: file conftest.defs line1: Unknown options to 's'
> >Creating ./config.status
> >Creating Makefile.
> >sed :file conftest.s1 line1 : Extra characters after command
> >
> >the makefile fine
> Update your version of the cygwin DLL and sed and use text mounts
> for the directory that you're building in.  Please refer to
> the documentation of the mount command, if you need it to figure
> out how to mount your directory as "text":
> cgf

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