shared memory problems

Robert McNulty Junior
Thu Jun 29 11:54:00 GMT 2000

My dumb mailing program sent it three times.
I sent #2, 3,. and 4 when I did not see 1 show up.
Problem solved, thanks to Julian and Tom.
I had an older version of the Cygwin1.dll in the /windows/system directory.
I don't remember if I put it there (probably more than likely I did) or the
reason for it being there.
Sorry about that, Corrina, and the rest of the mailing list.
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> Robert McNulty Junior wrote:
> >
> > what does shared memory is corrupted mean?
> Why do you ask that four times in less than one hour?
> You don't expect that you get an answer instantly in
> a mailing list, do you? Personally I would prefer if
> you send only one email for a question and repeat your
> email if you don't get an answer in a _reasonable_
> amount of time.
> Do you have more than one cygwin1.dll?
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