[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ash-20000627

AJ Reins tbisp@uswest.net
Wed Jun 28 21:32:00 GMT 2000

Dave Arnold wrote:
> What is ASH? Is it the same as BASH?  I opened a bash shell on my win95
> install of cygwin and tried to find ash and couldn't find it anywhere?
> /dAVe

No, Bash and Ash are two seperate shells. Bash could be described as
Ash on steroids. It is bigger and more complex, while Ash is small
and fast. Two different outlooks on the same kind of program.

> >I've installed a new version of ash in sourceware:/cygwin/latest/ash.
> >
> >Changes:
> >
> >- When evaluating stdout of backquote commands, it's read in
> >  textmode to handle native windows commands in backquotes as
> >  well.

I have not made this change to Bash, as this is controlled by the CYGWIN
environment variable setting to binmode to keep the carriage returns or
to nobinmode to remove them. This is of course an over-simplification
of the actual reason, but I hope I have gotten my point across. If
you, the user, want the stripping of the carriage returns, then it is
YOUR responsibility to set the variable accordingly. See Earnie Boyd's
site for more information, as Earnie has a much better way with words
than I do.

Comments, flames, chocolate-chip cookies are all appreciated.

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