cp needs Full control?

Peter Ring PRI@cddk.dk
Wed Jun 28 06:25:00 GMT 2000

I'm running a fairly up-to-date installation of cygwin (1.1.2) on a NT
4.0 workstation in a NT domain, with ntsec and /etc/passwd and
/etc/group with NT SID's.

When I cp a file to a directory on a NT 4.0 net share where 

* I have only 'Change control', i.e., I do not have permission to change
permissions, and
* the file does not exist beforehand,

I observe this behaviour:

* the file is copied all right, owned by me and group 513 (i.e., 'Domain
Users'), but
* cp returns a status of 1 and prints 'Permission denied' on stderr

On the other hand, I can create a file by running touch without any
problems. While this obviously works as a work-around (first touch
/dat/newfile, then cp /diz/somefile /dat/newfile), I'm a bit puzzled.

What gives?

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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