Cygnus Insight GDB acting funny...What is (error 193)?

Dave Arnold
Wed Jun 28 01:59:00 GMT 2000


I'm trying to use the Insight frontend for gdb.

when I run it from the bash command line like so:

    >bash$ gdb helloworld

the gui opens up fine and displays the full source code in C. however if I
run it without
any args like this

    >bash$ gdb

the gui opens up fine, BUT when I attempt to load a file to debug using the
File menu It only shows assembly code.  Then if I go File->source and choose
a .c file, I get an error message saying :  "Error in sourced command file:
Undefined command: "". Try "help".

I suppose this is not meant to open a source code file but some kind of
command file?

Why doesn't it pick up the source code in C if I open the .exe from the
menu? rather than the command prompt?

Also I can't get the debugger to even run a process which I know has no
bugs.  When I type run in the console like this;

(gdb) run
Starting program: /gcc130/lab5/find5 123456

Error: Error creating process /gcc130/lab5/find5, (error 193)

What is error 193?

I have a plain Dos version of gdb and it works fine with the same program.
What could be the probleM?  Do I have to setup some kind of environment vars
or config file or something?  I'm running this right after running the
cygwin setup.exe and rebooting. I haven't done any other configurations of
cygwin install besides mounting some of my other directories to appear under
my cygwin root dir.


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