Cross GCC for AS400

Michael Meissner
Tue Jun 27 21:28:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 11:08:33PM -0500, chiragz wrote:
> Extremely sorry,
>     There are only two places listed on the Cross GCC FAQ as being generally
> available to discuss these issues. One is comp.arch.embedded and the other is
> this list. There isn't a a "suitable list". comp.arch.embedded is also not "a
> place" for this discussion, but at least they find it interesting.

The suitable list is, not the cygwin mailing list.  Though as
one of the GCC developers, I suspect the answer is nobody has done it yet, and
we welcome contributions (assuming the contributions are such that we can use).

It is free software only if people contribute to it.  If you sit back and just
wait for somebody else to do the actual work, then you may possibly wait
forever.  Since I don't have an AS400 handy, I couldn't tell you whether it
works or not, even though I was a PowerPC GCC co-maintiner for awhile.  The
only thing I recalled about the AS400 PowerPC's is that the original model had
some missing instructions, but I never found out exactly which ones (even under

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