Patch rename problem.

Chris Johns
Tue Jun 27 06:13:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I am building a cross gdb version for the m68k processor on cygwin using
lastest (20000513 or around then) and cygwin dll 1.1.2.

The patch phase fails as shown below :

$ patch -p1 < ../gdb-bdm-20000627/gdbPatches/gdb-5.0-patch
patching file `gdb/'
patch: **** can't rename `/tmp/po012337' to `gdb/': File

If I change the configure generated Makefile for patch to add `rename.o'
to the LIBOBJS then rebuild and install patch I do not get the error. So
it seems to me the rename in the cygwin dll is different in some way.

I know nothing about cygwin other than it is very good and useful. :-)


 Chris Johns,

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