GDB on Win2k doesn't work for me.

Chris Faylor
Mon Jun 26 15:17:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Jun 26, 2000 at 05:49:33PM -0400, Adam Schlegel wrote:
>All right. What more information do you want? I have included the output of
>cygcheck -s -v -r and some other information that could have possibly been
>relevant. I *have* been trying to debug this problem, but I have run out
>of ideas. AFAICT, this problem is caused by something in the configuration
>of the system, rather than a problem with GDB itself.
>I believe you that gdb works perfectly for you (there would have been
>*many* more complaints otherwise). Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me.
>At this point, all I can offer is moral support, until I hear *something*
>helpful from the community at large (as I said I am out of ideas). 

I offered something more.  Verify that you are running the latest
version of gdb.  Stating that you updated everything does not mean you
have actually accomplished it.  There have been bugs in setup and
cockpit errors which could result in the wrong version of gdb being

It's unfortunate that I did not add a version string which would identify
gdb when I updated it so I can't tell for sure what version you are running
from your output.

>I am asking for any ideas, thoughts, suggestions (fixes...?) that anyone
>out there might have concerning this problem so that I could continue to
>work at it. That is what this mailing list is for, isn't it? What
>other information could be useful? I'll do what I can to provide it from
>my end, and I'm sure Paul Stodghill (who started this thread in the
>first place) would be willing to do the same from his end. 

I'm not asking for information.  I'm asking for someone to debug the
problem.  If you have a working version of gdb, use that.

I know that gdb is not trivial software.

I know this is an unbelievable impertinence on my part, to actually
suggest that someone using the fruits of a free software project should
actually debug a problem in the software.

I know that it is not the norm for anyone in this mailing list to do
much more than offer informed suggestions.

However, it's likely that if I can't duplicate the problem the quickest
way to fix the problem is to debug it yourself.


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