OpenSSH-2.1.0p3 and broken pipes

Tero Hilpinen
Mon Jun 26 10:30:00 GMT 2000

It seems that the version of OpenSSH mentioned in the subject has
problems handling high speed traffic together with port forwarding.
Opening a connection between an OpenSSH client and daemon with several
forwarded ports and stressing the connection with a continuous data
stream, the shell access to the remote system running the daemon usually
dies and comments "Broken pipe". Surprisingly the forwarded ports still
work though.

I've made the classical mistake of upgrading too many system components
at the same time so I cannot be sure that this problem is caused by
OpenSSH. NT4.0/b20/Ophapkin-port of the original 1.2.2x worked ok - this
problem appears in my current W2K/1.1.2/2.1.0p3 setup. Some persons have
also commented that this might be a problem in OpenSSH itself, not just
in the Cygwin port.

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